Monday, April 1, 2013

Well-known Terrorist Organization Seeks To Crowdfund Operations With Kickstarter

In what could be a preview of many more such campaigns, a well-known terrorist organization with
worldwide ambitions recently posted a preview of its crowdfunding campaign on the popular site, Kickstarter.  Click here to see the campaign now.

While the site is currently not live (i.e. not actively accepting donations) and it is unclear if it will be approved by the Kickstarter staff, the organization claims it is seeking the funding due to recent US activity which has left it depleted and without an adequate base of operations. 

Kickstarter is one of the new breed of sites which allows inventors, artists, dancers, game designers and others to go directly to fans and supporters to seek funding.  Well known projects from the site include the Pebble Watch, popular musician Amanda Palmer's new album and the amazing new card game, Widget.


Brad Sweet said...

I don't know, these guys don't seem so bad...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone lend me $50,000? It's for a good cause.