Friday, April 4, 2008

Serious COOLINT: Amazing 3D Search Engine (Tianamo)

Tianamo is a search engine that is still in beta but it is worth a look if only for the 3D display it gives your results. You can sign up for access to the full screen beta version here but the excellent people at Tianamo have given me an embed code so you try it out right in SAM! Have fun!


Ted said...

Pretty, but a bit annoying in its functionality.

Unless the creaters make some significant changes, I belive that using TouchGraph is a more efficient way of going about the same thing.

Kristan J. Wheaton said...

I agree; it is clearly still in Beta. The developers seem very open to suggestions, though, and the load time issues they hope to resolve with the latest version of Java.

You are correct about Touchgraph, though. It has been around quite awhile and is still very, very good at what it does.


Hurst08 said...

I like the graphic representations it creates. Of course the eye is drawn to the tallest peaks. I ran "intelligence requirements" and was surprised to see a veritable mountain for business intelligence. "source reliability" also came up with an interesting graphic. I don't like that the search results block the right half of the screen, but maybe that is peculiar to this smaller version? I'd like to be able to at least opt out of the results to better view the terrain. The user needs more control of how he/she consumes the search results.