Friday, October 9, 2009

Intel Analyst One Of The Best Jobs In America! (

CNN and Money Magazine just announced their list of the 50 best kinds of jobs in the US. Coming in at number 9 this year was Intelligence Analyst (Thanks, Dave and Rachel!).

This is a pretty big deal for a job category that does not even have a Bureau of Labor Statistics code.

CNN and Money cited personal satisfaction, future growth and benefit to society as major reasons why being an intelligence analyst was such a good job. Job security was considered good but not great and the high stress of the job was cited as the major negative factor.

The report focused only on intel analyst jobs in the US government but did appear to include those analysts who work for contractors who support the US national security intelligence community. The study estimated that there were 51,000 analyst positions in the USG (which sounds a little high, even with the contractors thrown in...).

Fun fact #1: I looked at all of the top ten jobs and each already had a number off comments sent in by readers. The only job category not to have any comments was ... you guessed it ... intel analyst.

Fun fact #2: College professor came in at #3. If this were the BCS, then I would have the best job in America!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Email Hoaxes Aimed At Intel Professionals (!), New Report On The Pakistani Military And Rising Ethnic Violence In The UK (Link List)

A number of interesting reports have come out over the last several days. Here are three that caught my eye:
  • The Institute of South Asian Studies (out of the National University of Singapore and via the ISN) has recently issued a report on the Pakistani military under General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. Given all the recent bad news about Afghanistan, this report is remarkably optimistic, claiming that Kayani "does not harbor ambitions of interfering in politics" and that "crushing the Taliban now seems to be an objective that General Kayani is strongly committed to."
  • ISN has also just published an Intel Brief on the rising ethnic tension in the UK between Islamic and Skinhead groups. The article, written by Mercyhurst alumna, Ania Dunin, claims that the right-wing English Defense League has been "deliberately trying to provoke a response from ethnic minorities in order to create wider violence and mayhem" and that the extremist groups "will likely pose a significant security threat in the UK in the near future, not due to their manpower, but to their tactics."
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Funnies: A Palindromic Proclamation

Anyone who has taken my Communications class knows of my fondness for palindromes. This sketch is particularly clever...