Thursday, January 24, 2019

I could use your input...

I could use your (everyone's!) input. 

My protagonist imagined by the very fine artist,
Kris Brannock

I just finished a novel I have been working on (and off and on and off) for the last two years. It has almost nothing to do with the kind of stuff I normally work on.

You see, it is an adventure story about a young, street cat who joins the famous cat colony at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia.

First, no, I am not kidding.

Second, I don't know why I did it either.

The Hermitage Museum really does exist (of course) and there really is a cat colony that has been in residence pretty much non-stop since the Empress Elizabeth(!) brought cats to the palace in 1747 to control the rats and mice. It just seemed like a cool setting for a story that I wanted to tell.

The book is targeted at what publishers call "middle grade readers". That is somewhere between a precocious 8 and 13+, I guess. Anyone who likes adventure and likes cats would probably be intrigued, though. I have come up with two ideas for a title and the link below takes you to a one question survey that asks you to vote on which you like the best.

I'd appreciate your input! 

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