Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Intelligence Tools For Understanding Any Website (YouTube)

Jeffrey Kotvas on the always insightful Competitive Intelligence Forum points to the excellent video below that reviews various online tools for understanding the traffic patterns behind any website (sort of a modern and open-source version of the much more venerable intel sub-discipline of traffic analysis...).

The video, put together by Scrappybusiness.com, focuses on the use of these tools by intelligence professionals in the business world but these tools might also be of some use to amateur (and, perhaps, professional) cyberthreat analysts as well. 

For those of you not familiar with the Competitive Intelligence Forum, I recommend you check it out as well. There are lots of good places to talk about intelligence on the internet these days but the CI Forum is one of the best. Founded by longtime CI professional, Arik Johnson, this social networking site for those involved in intelligence work for the business community has really taken off and now boasts over 1300 members. Click on this link to preview the site.

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