Monday, May 13, 2013

2nd Annual Report On Hiring Prospects For Entry-level Intel Analysts In Business Is Out!
If our recent report on hiring prospects within the national security community was bleak to the point of depressing, our latest report, titled  Entry-level Analyst Hiring  Projections for Intelligence In Business, more than provides an antidote.

Take a look at this excerpt from the executive summary:
"Due to an increase in job creation and the growth of several key industries such as healthcare and finance, it is likely that overall hiring of entry-level research, intelligence, and strategy analysts in the private and business sector will increase significantly over the next twelve months."
If that doesn't grab your attention, take a look at the charts below:

The Y axis in the chart represents the number of hiring managers and other individuals with direct or significant indirect knowledge of hiring plans within their company or industry. 

Note how few of the functional areas of intelligence within the (non-defense) business community had any expectation of a decrease at all.  More importantly, note how many of the experts expected hiring of entry-level intel analysts to actually increase.

It is not all peaches and cream, though.  Greg Marchwinski, the author of the report and one of our top grad students, cites a number of issues confronting any entry-level analyst trying to find employment in the business community (not the least of which is the inconsistent way in which job titles are used to describe intelligence, research, and analysis positions in the private and business sector). 

Despite this, it looks like the next 12 months may shape up to be a bit of a seller's market for entry-level intel analysts with the right skills trying to break into business.  Welcome news indeed!