Monday, May 14, 2012

Entry-level Competitive Intelligence Analyst Jobs Report Out Now!

Here it is!

The 1st Annual Entry-level Hiring Projections For Competitive Intelligence Report!

This final report completes our series which also includes:
All three reports take a look at the market for entry-level analysts for the next 12 months.  The primary source of our information is a survey we conducted of professionals in all three sub-disciplines of intelligence who had direct or significant indirect knowledge of hiring intentions within their firm or organization (Many thanks once again to all who participated!).  We added to that information a variety of secondary sources to help us draw our conclusions.

All three reports were put together by one of our top quality grad students, Whitney Bergendahl (full credit to Whitney for sticking this thing through - None of us knew just how difficult it was going to be...) with an assist from another grad student for editing and packaging and from my colleague Prof. Shelly Freyn.

We intend to conduct the same survey in the fall so keep an eye out for it.  Finally, and as always, send your comments to me or leave one below!