Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Leksika - A New Site On Russia, Eurasia Worth Watching!

I just received a note from one of the sharper crayons that has emerged from the Mercyhurst Intel Studies box - Spencer Vuksic.  

Spencer, a truly gifted analyst and Russian linguist currently seeking his masters in International Studies from Johns Hopkins, has, along with a fellow Mercyhurst alum Graham Westbrook, started a new project - Leksika - to provide open source intelligence analysis on all things Russian and Eurasian.

According to Spencer, "Leksika’s value proposition is in the application of intelligence analysis to political, social, and economic shifts in the region in opposition to the largely polarized reporting from both the West and Russia."  

Just in the last month they have published short, easy to read but highly informative pieces covering such diverse topics as Russia's partnerships with Serbia and Latvia, the current situation in Crimea, Israeli and Russian relations and Poland's geopolitical positioning.  Earlier posts have reached even more broadly including a three part series on Russia's cyber strategy.

One of the most interesting and FREE features of the site is their "ReapReport".  Here they do a side by side comparison of the top news stories coming out of western and Russian media.  More importantly, they add a highly useful "What to Watch" blurb in order to highlight upcoming events of interest.

While clearly still in the start-up stage, Leksika is already quite good and has the potential to be a one-stop shop for unbiased analysis of Russia and Eurasia.  Recommend you check it out and take advantage of the free subscriptions!