Friday, September 30, 2011

9 Types Of Collaborators (

Recently I posted some of the early results of our research into using wikis as collaborative tools for managing and producing intelligence.  While my focus has been on the process, it makes just as much sense to focus on the people involved in the collaborative effort.

CentralDesktop, a provider of a wiki+ solution to small and medium sized businesses, has produced an interesting infographic (see small version below but you will probably have to go to the site to see the blown up version) that captures their own experience with the various different kinds of collaborators.  I suspect the evidence for the typology is anecdotal and that some of the intent behind the infographic below was humorous.  That said, I found the idea of thinking about the kinds of collaborative personalities involved in a project to be an interesting one.

From a design standpoint, it would seem important to address the needs of the different types of personalities in order to engage as many as possible in the effort.  From a management standpoint, however, it would seem important to focus training and cash on software that offered just enough variety (but not too much).  While these two needs conflict with each other to a certain extent, there is likely a sweet spot where they overlap.