Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get Detailed Feedback On Your Writing, Explore Your Searches More Fully And View The Best Jobs In America (Link List)

Some really interesting stuff crossing my desk recently...

Paper Rater. This one is a must-have, must-distribute for anyone who spends any time writing. You just cut and paste whatever it is you are working on into the online editor and it spits out an immediate and detailed report of the issues with it. It even reports on possible plagiarism! My experience with the tool is that it tends to over-report problems but it doesn't appear to miss much that is truly an issue. Paper Rater strikes me as a painless, tireless, first draft editor. Via Lifehacker.

What Do You Suggest? Anyone who has ever played around with Google knows that it has a built in "suggest" feature. So, if you typed in "intelligence", for example, the first suggestion Google would make would be "Intelligence test". What if you could see all the choices, sorted by relevance and number of hits in a kind of branching tree? Very cool and potentially useful. Take a look at the output below:

Via Lifehacker.

Best Jobs In America Infographic. I have previously reported on CNN's evaluation that I personally have the best job in America (combination of Intel Analyst (#9) and College Professor (#3)). Now I have this cool infographic to prove it (Click on the picture to get the full chart). Via Boing Boing and Thanks, John!.

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