Thursday, June 5, 2008

Part 4 -- Other Sources For Events Information (Mapping The Future)

Over the last several days I have been blogging about the excellent CSIS report called Mapping The Future. In addition, I have been talking about a project my grad students in Intelligence Communications completed that was very similar in scope to the CSIS project. I covered the comparisons and lessons learned for intelligence analysts and for classroom instruction in earlier posts and today I just wanted to wrap up with a list of a few events sites that we found useful:

ElectionGuide. The International Foundation For Electoral Systems maintains an excellent list/guide on presidential and legislative elections worldwide.

When-is. While it is not entirely clear who owns the site, When-is does a very good job of keeping track of various religious holidays, particularly those where the exact date changes from year to year.

ConferenceAlerts. Based out of South Africa, the site keeps track of academic conferences worldwide.

EventsEye. This is a trade show and other business events directory based out of France.

World Events Guide. This site claims to cover all sorts of events but we found it to be best for cultural or entertainment type events.

If you know of a good one I have left out, please post it to the comments!

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