Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mercyhurst Intel Prof Back From Iraq (Erie Times News)

Dan Mulligan, who teaches business and competitive intelligence here at Mercyhurst, was recently called to active duty and has been in Iraq for the last five months. He is home on leave and the Erie Times News did a story on him and what he has been up to since he left.

I don't want to speak for Dan, but the story in the paper seemed a bit more dramatic than the version we heard sitting around the table yesterday (The Press...what can you do?). Still, it was good to see him.

Mercyhurst alums and students might be wondering about the reference to "rubrics" in the story. Yes, Dan had them translate the same rubric we use here in the Intel Writing and Intel Communications classes and, yes, he is teaching the Iraqis how to write SFARs. Yoikes!

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Thanks for the update Kris.