Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SCIP Webinar On Evaluating Intelligence (Self-promotion)

I will be conducting a webinar for the Society Of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) on evaluating intelligence on 10 JUN 09 at 1200 EST. I will be going over some of the material in the "evaluating intelligence" series of posts I did earlier this year as well as adding some new stuff that has come along since then.

My goal is to make the material and ideas concerning the evaluation of intelligence a bit more accessible (One of the particular advantages of this format is that it allows for questions during and after the presentation).

I have not done a webinar before so it should be interesting. You can find out more info here: Webinar -- Evaluating Intelligence

(Note: The webinar is not, unfortunately, free. SCIP is a non-profit organization but needs to -- I am assuming -- cover its costs for setting up and running the webinar. I am not charging anything for my time and am getting no compensation for this event.)

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