Friday, March 5, 2010

New Intelligence-related Wikipedia Articles (Wikipedia)

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Each year, I have my intelligence communications class write articles on intelligence or intelligence-related topics for Wikipedia (You can see previously published lists of these articles here and here).

I do this for a number of reasons and, if you are interested, you can read about those here.

This year's crop covers some pretty interesting topics (none of which have been covered in Wikipedia before):

Network Crack Program Hacker Group
Porter's Four Corners Model
Sergei Ogoltsov (Soviet Deputy Director Of State Security 1951)
War Plan Gray
Zomi Revolutionary Army
Bradley Heithold (Commander, Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency)
William Alvin Lloyd (Lincoln's personal spy)
US Bomb Data Center
Robert Lipka (Spy)
Spain's Technological Investigation Brigade

All of these articles have already begun to undergo the inevitable Wikipedia editorial process but much of the original effort is still there.

Finally, if you are interested in what makes a good Wikipedia article, there is some very interesting research that has just come out of The University Of Arizona that indicates that the quality of the article depends on the type and quality of the collaboration that produced it. (Thanks, Allen!)

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