Friday, May 13, 2011

Genocide Warning For Kenya And Iran, An Interactive Timeline Of The Arab Spring Protests, New Government Source For Finding Intel Jobs (Link List)

Lots of powerful stuff landing on my desk this week.  Not enough time to write them all up so I just bundled them for the weekend:

The Sentinel Project For Genocide Prevention.  This is yet another example of an NGO getting into the business of intelligence (Another good example is the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project on hate crimes groups).  This group of volunteers has taken the most recent research on indicators of genocide and turned it into an early warning system.  They are currently issuing alerts on Kenya and Iran.

The Path Of Protest.  The Guardian has put together a fascinating interactive infographic (see screenshot below) that captures all of the major incidents for all of the uprisings and protests in the Middle East and puts them in a single timeline.  The pic does not do it justice.  You need to see it for yourself. (Hat tip to Kevin F.)  I suppose you could use it to search for anything in any of the 50 million or so pages that Federal, state and local governments have made available but I used it to search for "intelligence analyst jobs".  I was both pleased and surprised that it not only brought up the usual federal listings but that it also brought up state and local intel analysis jobs that currently need filling.  Very useful for the law enforcement intel analyst.

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