Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Mercyhurst Alumni Research Colloquium (MARC)

Based on feedback elicited from alumni, friends, partners and employers of the Mercyhurst Intel Studies Program, I am trying to develop a collaborative vision of an alumni focused research colloquium for Spring 08.

What do I have in mind?

The purpose of this colloquium would be to give a professionally related reason for alumni from the Mercyhurst Intel program (all years, grad, undergrad and graduate certificate) to come back to Mercyhurst to learn and network.

Attendance would be limited to Mercyhurst Intel graduates and certain select others from among MCIIS's partners, employers, sponsors and friends.

The dual centerpieces of the event will be 1) the presentation of new and relevant research into the field of intelligence by Mercyhurst's current graduate students and faculty and by Mercyhurst's partners, employers, sponsors and friends and 2) networking among the students, faculty, alumni, partners, employers and friends. The intent is to share what we are learning about how to do intel better and to share it first with the people we care about the most -- our graduates.

Below are some initial thoughts about what should be contained in the colloquium and the questions that are still outstanding. Additional input would be most welcome...

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