Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Five Sites To Help You Think, Two Sites To Make You Think (Link List)

Several very kind people have sent me a number of useful sites and I have run across a few myself. Here, in no particular order, are the sites to help you think:

YoungFeds.org. One of the people who listened to the recent podcast about getting and keeping your security clearance (mentioned here) recommended this site that was apparently referred to during the interview. It looks like it is worth following for a bit to see how useful it really is. (Thanks, Rachel!)

The Ultimate Student Resource List. Lifehack.org has compiled a list of about 100 short tips on everything from what free software to download to taking notes that work, all compiled in an easy to scan format.

The FIRST Database at SIPRI. This is an extraordinary tool for anyone interested in studying international politics. SIPRI has compiled a ton of databases and indices into a single searchable database. It is a one-stop shop for reliable background data on international politics. (Thanks, Bradley!)

20 Foods To Snack On For Productivity. Lifehack.org again. Good list for students approaching finals/deadlines.

Top 60 Little-Known Technology Web Sites. Information Week has done a good job of compiling a list of useful tech sites to help you stay up on tech trends.

Here are two sites that will make you think:

Immersive Media. If you have not seen the new technology currently available through Immersive Media, you owe it to yourself to take a look (Note to Immersive Media -- make your videos embedable!). Imagine the intelligence and training implications of this technology...

Books That Make You Dumb. These are the results of a very clever analysis done by Virgil Griffith from CalTech. He compared the average SAT scores of colleges and universities according to CollegeBoard.com with the top books for each college or university from Facebook. He then generated some interesting charts that show the correlation between the types of books that were popular at a particular college and the SAT scores. I am not sure what it means but it does make you think...


Anonymous said...

Wow, good picks. A couple of friends were mentioned in the InformationWeek Top 60 list, LifeHacker's snack list is awesome, ISN's FIRST database is an exciting find - can't wait to try it out, and reading the Bible is somehow related to low SAT scores (something that I've always suspected)! All in all, a great post! :-)

ImmersiveMedia said...

Thanks for mentioning Immersive Media. Each of our videos on our demo page comes with an embed code. First go to demos.immersivemedia.com. In the bottom right corner of each player, you will see two icons. The right one (with our new logo) links you back to our homepage. The one to the left of that will give you the code you need to embed the video in your blog. Just hit copy and then paste it anywhere you'd like.