Monday, February 4, 2008

Secret ROE Reportedly Leaked (WikiLeaks)

WikiLeaks (a source I discussed earlier here) is reporting that they have acquired a copy of a SECRET REL to USA, IRQ Annex to an OPORD containing Rules Of Engagement (ROE). The WikiLeaks page discussing the leak (and providing the Table Of Contents) is here and you can download what WikiLeaks alleges is a PDF of the full document here. WikiLeaks claims that they have verified the document. Of particular interest is the information in the page discussing the leak concerning the source, "Peryton", and this individual's history of leaks and motivation for leaking.


Anonymous said..., a user-editable Web site

Despite the name this is not a Wiki or Wikipedia !

Only the wikileaks core team, who are not politically neutral, can actually publish articles or analyses.

The general public is still limited to the wiki discussion pages.

The whistleblowing (or propaganda distributing) public can submit documents, but there is no guarantee that they will be published.

If the document submission system was actually anonymous as promised, then it should not be possible to claim certain knowledge about the true motivations of any whistleblower.

The linking of "Peryton" to several previously anonymous leaks could make it easier for any official investigation to track down this supposedly anonymous source.

Have wikileaks partially betrayed their promise of anonymity ?

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the first few paragraphs in the comment above, whilst true, they are not strictly relevant to this blog article.