Saturday, March 8, 2008

Communicating Your Weakness In An Interview (Wikihow)

Apparently this is "get a job" weekend on SAM...

Wikihow has a good article on how to answer the dreaded "So, tell me what your weakness is?" question in a job interview. Eschewing trite answers like "I don't have any" or "I work too hard", the article provides some useful advice on how to interpret, think about and answer the question effectively. My favorite tip?

"Okay, you’ve clearly identified your weakness, you’ve stated it concisely and shown that you have good awareness of your personal issues. So now what? Just knowing your weakness is good, but what are you doing about it? That is the crux of the question and must be the focus of your answer. “I sometimes over analyze my work products which can cause me to fall behind in other tasks. To avoid that, I set aside a specific amount of time for review. When that time is up, I move to the next task on my list of priorities.” Yay! You’ve just proven that you can analyze yourself, identify your weaknesses, and develop useful methods to overcome them. That is what the interviewer wants to know."

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