Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Live Blogging The ISA Conference...

I will be out at the International Studies Association Convention in San Francisco most of next week. Many readers of this blog will be there as well but for those of you who can't make it, I intend to blog from the conference and I am looking for your input on what I should be blogging about.

There are a gazillion presentations at the ISA conference each year (You can download the full program here) but I will be focusing first on the panels in the Intelligence Studies Section (click on the document embedded below for a complete list of the ISS panels -- Thanks to Steve Marrin for forwarding!).

I don't get out to San Francisco until late Thursday of next week and I want to sit in on the 1545 presentations by my grad students, Josh Peterson and Rachel Kesselman (Josh has done some absolutely outstanding empirical research on the legitimate elements of analytic confidence and Rachel has done some first-rate work on identifying and understanding changes in the way words of estimative probability have been used in National Intelligence Estimates from the 1950's to the present).

All day Friday and most of Saturday, though, I am free to sit in on whatever you, dear readers, want me to sit in on (Saturday at 1545 I am presenting the final version of "A Wiki Is Like A Room...". That presentation is clearly going to be dwarfed, though, by the all-star panel of experts on global disease and analysis. If you have an early flight out, you might want to re-think it).

So, let me know (either in an e-mail or in a comment to this post) what you want me to go see. I will be happy to summarize what I hear about intelligence studies or in other panels and ask what questions you want me to ask. Just let me know!


1 said...

Do you know if the conference or any of the presentations will be viewable online?

I would like to hear your take and/or summary of "Intelligence Operations and Analysis: Need, Success, and Ethics." Too bad you're not getting in earlier, I would like to hear what Fidas and Sims discuss, in addition to Walsh on counterinsurgency and intelligence sharing. One would think that would be a topic discussed on more panels, given the nature of the fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Good luck presenting.

Kristan J. Wheaton said...

i don't think that any of the presentations will be viewable online though you might want to check the ISA site or contact the organizers.

I will try to make a point of getting to the Intel ops panel.