Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Off To The International Studies Association Meeting!

I am eagerly awaiting my flight to the ISA Conference out in San Francisco (nothing like a 0500 departure followed by a long layover in Detroit before taking a 5 hour flight to the west coast...). My students get time off for good behavior and I get to present my paper on "A Wiki Is Like A Room..." (Saturday, 1545 if you are attending).

Two of my former students (and thesis advisees) will also be presenting. Both have done some excellent research that is well worth hearing about. Josh Peterson did a good bit of research to determine what were the appropriate elements of analytic confidence for intelligence and then ran an experiment to test his hypotheses. Rachel Kesselman did a multi-decade content analysis of the Key Judgments from dozens of NIEs to determine if there were significant changes in the ways the NIC has been articulating its intelligence judgments over time. Both papers are available in the paper archive at the ISA Conference but they really don't do the theses (or the research) justice. If you are interested in what you see in the papers or in their presentations (Thursday, 1545 for both), do not hesitate to contact them directly.

I will be blogging again once I get to the conference. Until then I will leave you with this Jonathan Coulton song that just barely begins to capture the unspeakable horror that is modern air travel, Skymall:

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck at the conference, Kris. I'm looking forward to reading your paper as well as those of your former students.