Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Fun: "It's 1750 And You're A Detective In London..." (Channel4 via Jayisgames)

Prostitutes. Gin. Murder. Quill pens. It's 1750 and crime is out of control in London. The judges get together and put together an elite unit of what we would call "detectives" but what they called the "Bow Street Runners". Sounds like an interesting premise for a game and it is.

This free, online, flash based game is a companion to the UK's Channel 4 series called "City Of Vice". In it you are a Bow Street Runner working for a local judge trying to solve crimes and put bad guys behind bars. Far better than your average point and click online shooter, this game takes you into the gritty world of 1750's London and makes you think to catch your man (or woman, as the case may be). You collect evidence, search crime scenes and interview witnesses before you present your case to the judge.

The graphics are detailed and realistic (See the screenshot below) which makes the game fun to play but also means you really need a broadband connection to enjoy it. The story lines definitely appear to be PG-13 as well, though I have not played through all of the "Episodes". In addition, some of the few hand-eye coordination tasks in the game (like picking a lock) seem too easy for the video game crowd but might prove annoying to anyone older than 40.

Still, the heart of the game is figuring out the crime and here is where the game shines. The interface is easy to use and there is just enough complexity to the Episodes to keep you engaged without making them so difficult you can't solve them.

I found Bow Street Runners first on If you are looking for other great casual games (AKA "something to take your mind off taxes"), Jayisgames is a very good site for reviews and recommendations.

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Jeff said...

Thanks for the tip, Kris. My wife loves this stuff!