Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Firefox 3 Download Day! (Mozilla)

Many Mercyhurst intel students use Firefox because of its ability to be easily configured to meet an individual analyst's needs. You need a currency converter or an automatic translator, it is easy to find one and add it to Firefox. Today, Mozilla, Firefox's parent organization, hopes to make that experience even better with the release of Firefox 3.

Lifehacker has a complete run down on the browser and Mozilla has put together a nifty screencast that is worth watching to get a feel for some of the new features. Every test I have seen has Firefox 3 running faster and more stable than any of its competitors (except maybe Opera 9.5).

Mozilla is also trying to beat the world record for downloads in a single day. They apparently had overload problems early in the day but I just downloaded my version in under 2 minutes. Having downloaded Firefox 3 once, I will probably wait to install it on all my computers. As a heavy add-ons user, I have had compatibility problems in the past as it takes some time for the add-on software gurus to catch up with the new version.

This just in: Portable Firefox 3 is also now available!


Anonymous said...

I got in right at the start and converted to 3.0.

I lost some incompatibility with a few add on programs that are no longer being developed but nothing major.

I found particularly that when going to photo sharing sites I use that the jpegs rendered much faster than before and having had the browser running since yesterday I have experienced zero of the memory leakage issues prior versions had. With all the programs I have running the footprint is still the same as yesterday which with the 2.x version would have grown by about 300 meg or more by now under normal usage.

Anonymous said...

One extension that broke for me was called Xinah Here which was a popup WYSIWYG html editor for things like this comment box I am using right now.

A quick search came up with a replacement called Text Formating Toolbar which does put in the codes but is not WYSIWYG.

Nice thing is it supports html or BBcode or WikiCode selectable on it's taskbar.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded F3 yesterday and it crashed at least 6 times in about the same number of hours. Very disappointing.

AND I lost 70% of my bookmarks. Thankfully, I had a backup.

By the way, Kris, I tagged you with the Randomness Meme at IntelFusion. Have fun!