Monday, September 1, 2008

SAM Goes Back To School, Part 1: Wake Up!

All this week, I am going to try to put out a series of posts that capture some tips, tools and useful websites for students, particularly intel studies students, returning to college (we are back in classes tomorrow).

To get things started, though, I think I have found the near perfect wake up song for those 8 AM classes: "Volcano Girls" by alt rock band Veruca Salt. Loud enough to get you out of bed but with a chorus that expresses completely and utterly your mood at 7 in the morning.

(By the way, only the chorus really counts here. Nina Gordon's hard rock vocals are pretty incomprehensible anyway and likely impossible to hear over a cell phone alarm...)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pitt grad student (security and intel) speaking here...looking forward to what you have in store.

For early morning wake-ups I opt for a bit more mind-numbing music. Pantera, Metallica, something of that sort. To each his own, right?