Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Help Us Evaluate An Intelligence Method! (Original Research)

One of my graduate students, Derek Mulder, is in the process of completing his thesis research on a particular intelligence methodology (to find out which one, you have to take the survey below...sorry!).  

In order to do so, he has set up an online exercise to test the methodology in several specific ways.  Obviously, he now needs as many people as possible to complete his exercise by going here:  http://dagirco.com/surveyHome.html

The way Derek has put together this exercise, it will take a little bit longer than normal to complete but we hope that the results will be able to be more robustly analyzed as a result.  Frankly, we are not sure exactly what this approach will reveal (we just have hypotheses...) but, as always, we will publish the results online for all to see.

Many thanks to all who take the time to participate!
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