Friday, July 16, 2010

Why I Am Not Writing About Dungarvan... (Liveblogging The Global Intelligence Forum)

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First, let me say unequivocally that is not because I don't want to write about it.  It was an amazing conference.

The problem is that Murphy is Irish and he had somehow found his way into my computer and anything associated with it.  I knew that my liveblogging days were short-lived when my not-so-universal electrical socket adapter could not be configured to an Irish socket. 

Without electricity, my attempts to keep up with the pace of this conference were doomed.  

My intent now is to wait until we can get the slides uploaded to our website sometime next week and then add my notes along with some links to anything else that seems relevant.

If you are starved for feedback in the meantime, you can see Meghan Corbin's updates on Facebook.
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Mike Cosgrave said...

The laptop power supply will probably deal with Irish voltage ok (240v - but check anyway) which means all you need is a simple plug adaptor; I know Dungarvan, I doubt you'll find one there. (They probably had them at at airport.) If it is common laptop, you might be able to borrow a power supply.

Oh, you could cheat - the top pin is the earth, stick a plastic biro cap in it to push the safety aside, and and try the two pins in the bottom two holes. Have a friend handy to pull you back, watch out for burning smells and I wouldn't leve it plugged in unattended, but that is the standard student method.

I, in best intelligence manner, will deny all responsibilty and this comment will self destruct in 10 seconds, Good luck Jim

Kristan J. Wheaton said...


Thanks for the tips. Actually, Dungarvan was quite well prepared for us; I just realized my dilemma too late. The hotel had just given out their last adapter and the electronics store -- which was within walking distance AND stocked the adapters -- had just closed (as I said, Murphy was embedded deeply in my electronics this trip).