Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Intelligence Analyst's Deck Of Cards Is Here! (Pictures And Update)

The cards came in last week and look fantastic!  Take a look at the unboxing pics below:

Cool, eh?

We should begin shipping out the complimentary copies to everyone who submitted a quote today.  If you don't get your copy by 15 NOV, drop me a note (kwheaton at mercyhurst dot edu) with your mailing address.

Pre-orders made through the Mercyhurst Bookstore's online ordering service have already begun to be shipped.  If you are interested in ordering fewer than 10 copies, you can continue to do so through the bookstore.

We are offering pretty sizable bulk discounts as well.  If you want to order 10 or more copies (for all your training/morale building/Christmas needs!),

As a reminder, all profits from the sale of the cards will go to fund the activities of our three student intel clubs.


Anonymous said...

Mine arrived in the Mail today ... hopefully I can convince my office to buy some in bulk! Great work on this piece of COOLINT!

-Mike L.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to solve the maze....

Anonymous said...

For the maze you just go from the nose to the center of the brain.
-- DragonsBane

Geert said...

Just returned from leave and found them waiting on my desk. Fantastic result from a fantastic idea!
Now trying to convince my superiors to buy them in bulk.

Kristan J. Wheaton said...

Geert and Anonymous:

Hope you can get your offices to buys some, too! The profits from the sales go to support our student clubs.


Anonymous said...

Already bought 30 and they're all gone within 10 days. Another 20 on the way and that should do it (all for my analyst colleagues at work).

Kristan J. Wheaton said...


Thank you!!