Thursday, October 13, 2011

Smokin' Hot Online Cyberthreat Analysis Grad Class About To Start! (Shameless Self Promotion)

I know it is shameless.  I know it is self-promoting but I think our online cyberthreat analysis course is an extremely cool, very awesome class. 


First, it is taught by Billy Rios.  Billy is the current team lead for web and product security at Google.  Before his gig with Google, he worked at Microsoft.  The prof for this class is a soldier who comes in from the trenches to teach each class and goes back to the trenches when class is over.  It simply does not get any more real than that.

Second, the class is not just theory.  Billy brings a healthy dose of application to the class.  To quote the brochure:  "Students will be introduced to the key concepts, tools, and terminologies used by professionals in the field and apply what they learn in lab exercises that model real-world events." 

Third, it means something to me when good students speak highly of a class.  Numerous high quality students who I know and trust have taken this class -- and loved it.

Fourth, it is online and asynchronous.  That doesn't mean you can blow off assignments until the last week and then catch up.  What it does mean is that, if you are deployed or in a distant time zone or work odd hours, you can still take this class.

Fifth, it is an introductory level class and there are no pre-requisites.  It is specifically designed for someone who knows little to nothing about cyber.  It is perfect, for example, for an analyst who is interested in moving into the cyberthreat field or who just wants to have some grounding in the issues but does not have a technical background. 

Sixth, it is a graduate level class that is accredited and transfers just like any other grad class.

Seventh...oh, you get the idea.  It is a damn good class.  If you are interested in taking it or want more information, contact Linda Bremmer: 

Class begins 28 NOV and runs for 10 weeks.  The deadline for applications is 4 NOV.

If you are interested in cyberthreat analysis and are looking for a introductory course, I can think of no better place to start.

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