Friday, November 11, 2011

An Internet Murder?

I ran across this remarkable video today and it occurred to me that I might be able to use it to offer a brief but challenging thought experiment:

Given this video, what question would you ask first?
Leave your answer in the comments!


J N said...

That was one of the most interesting videos i have seen.

I would ask who is Al1, why is he doing this?

As a YouTube comment pointed out Al1=Alone

Tony said...

Simple: Are there reasons to disbelieve it?

The Answer, by the way, is yes.

ctwardy said...

Who is Adam and how did he come to make the video? (Or is that two?)

BManning said...

On-topic: How did Al1 know when the seeker was coming? He couldn't have known precisely even with the youtube video account on watch. Nor is it likely he could have sat at the spot for days or weeks on end - unless his home is within viewing distance of the location in question.

Secondary: Who is the narrator, and can I hire him to read things to me? That is a fine narrator-voice.

GGrosse said...

Nice and interesting Mockumentary.

I would first ask: Why is the voice actor for Fortress (Duncan Wingman) so overacting?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't the police trace Fortress's IP address to figure out who he is?

Quentin said...
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Tim B - VICPOL said...

The null hypothesis:
Is the story "An Internet Murder?" actually true at all?

Initial google searches indicate that it is not (i.e. no match for the exact phrase "body discovered on welsh farm").

GGrosse said...


It's official website is:

Anonymous said...

My FIRST question, was "what are you going to use this video for?"

To answer to this Q myself: as a homework/test in an OSINT class (similar to the one in your "Google a day" post).

Keep up the good work. I follow your blog at least twice a week for months.

Kristan J. Wheaton said...

To everyone,

Great comments! Glad you had some fun with it!


duanez said...

As has been mentioned by other commentors, i would be first skeptical of anything purporting to be a factual story if on the www. Given that premise, i'd want to know more about the source.

It's great to get that story by Chaucer. Might have to read more of him!


Paul said...

Here is my question: What kind of idiot would pursue a treasure where the premise of the clues is based on the pardoner's tale which ends with everyone dead?

Great blog!