Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NOW AVAILABLE: The Ancient Viking Game Every Intelligence Professional Should Play

Panel from the comic, Cthulhu Vs The Vikings 
A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about the ancient Viking game, Hnefatafl, along with some thoughts about why I thought it was a good game for intel professionals to play. 

A lot - and I mean a lot - has happened since then.

The most important thing (at least to me) is that I have developed a new version of the game that is now for sale.  It is called Cthulhu vs. The Vikings and is currently available on Kickstarter.  The backstory to the game, which is told in the form of a comic, mashes-up the Viking sagas with the Cthulhu stories from H.P. Lovecraft (a horror writer from the 1920's).

While the game itself also plays on those themes in terms of the design work (in the board and the pieces), the rules are straight Hnefatafl.  In fact, I got permission from the Fetlar Hnefatafl Panel, which sponsors the Hnefatafl World Championships, to use their rules (Note:  The Hnefatafl World Championships were held AUG 3 in Fetlar Scotland and Amanda Caukwell is the new World Champion!).

Bottomline:  If you are looking for an attractive and affordable copy of the ancient Viking game, Hnefatafl, you can now find one here.

The blog post also got picked up by the radio show, The World, produced jointly by the BBC, Public Radio International and Boston's WGBH.  They interviewed me about the game and about its importance to intelligence professionals.  You can listen to the interview below:

Finally, the game and its relationship to intel also got a little local press and a lot of interest from the readers of this blog (Thanks for the emails and kind words)! 

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