Thursday, May 8, 2014

Looking For An Intelligence Job On Twitter? Two Handles To Follow...And One To Avoid!

My undergraduate research assistant, McKenzie Rowland, and I have been updating the series of posts I wrote a few years ago on how to get a job in intelligence and, well, let's just say that a lot of things have changed since 2009...

Like Twitter.

Twitter is used extensively by defense contractors and others looking to fill cleared positions supporting the US national security intelligence community.  

Now, several of the agencies have twitter handles dedicated solely to announcing jobs and job-related news regarding that agency.  For example NSA has @NSACareers and the Department of State has @doscareers.

A number of other agencies have Twitter handles but not specifically for job information (or if they did, they were so successfully hid that we couldn't find them).  For example, the DIA has @defenseintel, while NGA has @NGA_GEOINT and DEA has @deanews.

There were even a few scammy looking ones such as @FBIAgentCareers and @USCGCIVCareers.  The site purporting to be FBI related hadn't posted in about a year and linked to a non-governmental website.  While the FBI site should be avoided, the purported Coast Guard handle was vastly more useful, containing recent links to actual jobs.  However, this site also linked to a .com rather than a .gov or .mil address.  Use at your own risk...

Note:  The US government maintains a website where you can check the authenticity of any social media site.  This resource is called, in a moment of stark governmental clarity, "Verify U.S. Federal Government Social Media Accounts" and is available through  Neither the FBI nor the Coast Guard social media sites discussed above showed up in this database.

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