Monday, June 2, 2014

Are You Going To The Best Conference For Intelligence Educators? (Registration's Now Open...)

The International Association For Intelligence Education (IAFIE) is holding its 10th Anniversary Conference at the place where the organization was founded - Mercyhurst University - this summer from 14-16 July.

What started out as a gleam in Mercyhurst and IAFIE founder Bob Heibel's eyes 10 years ago has morphed into a must-attend conference for anyone who teaches intelligence studies both in and out of the government (and in and outside of the US for that matter...).

What separates this conference from all the rest?  First, it is a private organization that combines intelligence educators from all over the world and from all over the intelligence sub-disciplines.  You are as likely to sit down to lunch with an anti-money laundering specialist from South Africa as you are to toss back a cold one with someone from the Kent School or Michigan State.  Businesses, law enforcement agencies, and national security organizations (as well as universities and training centers) send their education reps to this conference.  

Second, it is a hell of a networking event.  Mercyhurst is gorgeous in the summer with cool nights and warm days.  Traditionally, there is plenty of time built into the schedule to meet informally with representatives from other institutions or agencies.  

Finally, and for the first time that I know of, the format of the presentations in the conference will be divided into two tracks.  The first track is for traditionalists - your typical panel presentations common in academic circles.  The second track, however, is designed to give world class speakers 20 minutes to talk about the most interesting things they are doing right now.  If you have ever seen a good TED talk, you will understand the intent of this format immediately.  This high speed series of presentations is guaranteed to jumpstart your thinking!

If you haven't already registered you can do so here right now.

Hope to see you in July!

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