Friday, May 10, 2019

I Am Leaving Mercyhurst And...

Look, Ma!  An (almost) clean desk!
... joining the US Army War College!

It has been an honor and a privilege to work with the faculty here in the Intelligence Studies Department at Mercyhurst over the last 16 years.  Having the opportunity to help build a world class program is an experience I will never forget.

As important as my colleagues, however, are the extraordinary students I have had the pleasure to teach and work with.  Whether we were sweating in the halls of the old Wayne Street building or livin' large in our fancy, new digs in the Center for Academic Engagement, getting to work with really smart, super dedicated students was probably the best thing about the job.  Watching them continue to grow and succeed as alumni is even more rewarding.  I am convinced that, one day, the DNI will almost certainly be a Mercyhurst alum (Several Directors of Strategic Intelligence for some Fortune 500 companies already are).

As much as I am sorry to leave Mercyhurst, I am very excited about my next position as Professor Of Strategic Futures at the War College.  There are few missions as important as developing strategic leaders and ideas for the US Army and I am proud to be part of the effort.

I expect to be out of my office here by the end of the month, so, if you have any last minute business to attend to, please reach out soon.  After the end of the month, the best way to reach me until I get to Carlisle in July is via gmail (kris dot wheaton at gmail dot com).  Once I have new contact info, I will post it.

I fully expect to continue to publish new thoughts, articles, and anything interesting I run across here on Sources and Methods.  In fact, I expect to be able to write more often.  

Stay tuned!  It's about to get (more) interesting...


dchido said...

Dear Kris,

You have touched hundreds of lives, torn us down and rebuilt us better, smarter, more concise...

As your research has shown, great teachers first care about their students and second know their stuff. You have lived both for all of us to the greatest degree. I have enjoyed working with and learning from you for the past 15 years and look forward to more of the same in your exciting new role. Uncle Sam needs YOU!


Graham W said...

Cheers! Small world. After graduating from Mercyhurst, I also moved to carlisle (5 min. From US Army war college HQ) and lived there for 3 years. Im in Austin now, but you will love carlisle! Let me know if need suggestions on local haunts

markschni said...

Congratulations on the new role, you will undoubtedly be sorely missed. I personally want to thank you sharing your knowledge and passion for education. Best of luck and looking to future readings regarding your new endeavor.

Jen Wozny said...


Your departure from Mercyhurst, along with that clean desktop, marks the end of an era. A really good, world-changing era.

In only 16 years, you transformed and elevated hundreds of people who came to you as students. I consider myself fortunate to have been one of them.

Mercyhurst was lucky to have you.

Now, that fortune is being passed onto US army generals. As it should be. And as you deserve.

Congratulations on what you have done so far, and what you undoubtedly will do as you report to duty this summer.


Anonymous said...

With the world as it is now, your skills will be needed and appreciated. I've enjoyed and benefited from all that you posted. I look forward to even more.
Col. Dan Dickerson

Unknown said...

Keep in touch

greylogic said...

What a great opportunity for you, Kris. Wishing you best of luck and much success - as always. - Jeff

AAB College said...
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