Thursday, November 29, 2007

If You Like Music, You Are Gonna Love This Search Engine... (

Songza is a new service that advertises itself as a music search engine and internet jukebox. It is very simple to use; just type in the name of a band or song and Songza comes up with a pretty easy to navigate list of options. I could not always find everything I wanted and sometimes I got some pretty strange recordings (like the time the Beastie Boys did "You Have To fight For Your Right To Party" on the Joan Rivers below if you want to hear it for yourself) but in all it was quick and efficient.

Where Songza really shines is when you take the songs to a playlist. Click on the song you want and it asks you if you want to play it immediately or share it or put it on a playlist. When you hit play, it begins immediately. I was able to build a fairly eclectic playlist in about a minute and enjoyed the music for about an hour. Time well spent.

Now if they can just match the simplicity of the search engine with a service that helps you find new music, like iLike, they are set.

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