Thursday, November 29, 2007

Top Contractors In Iraq And Afghanistan (Center For Public Integrity)

The Center For Public Integrity recently published an interesting article on the top contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. From the Key Findings:

Over the three years studied, more than $20 billion in contracts went to foreign companies whose identities—at least so far—are impossible to determine.

Nearly a third of the companies and joint ventures on the Top 100 are based outside the United States. These foreign contractors, along with the $20 billion in contracts awarded to the unidentified companies, account for about 45 percent of all funds obligated to the Top 100.

U.S. government contracts for work in Iraq and Afghanistan have grown more than 50 percent annually, from $11 billion in 2004 to almost $17 billion in 2005 and more than $25 billion in 2006.

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