Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Prediction Markets, Patent Searches, Free Books And How To Sell Your Old Cellphone (Link Roundup)

Here are a couple of interesting items I have collected over the last week:

A Prediction Market Search Engine. Sponsored by the Prediction Market Industry Association (who knew?), this search engine looks specifically at prediction markets for its findings. Specialty search engines like this can be enormously useful in digging into the deep or hidden web.

A New, Free Patent Search Tool (Freepatentsonline.com). Haven't tried it out myself but it looks very good. Would appreciate any feedback.

A Free Library of Books in the Public Domain (ReadPrint.com). Looking for a cheap copy of The Prince? Can't get any cheaper than free...

A Way to Get Some Christmas Cash for Old Electronics (SecondRotation.com). Not much cash, as it turns out in most cases, but some is better than none.

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Pat said...

Dan Ariely has written a new book called Predictably Irrational. I've been reading and enjoying it while I'm doing my thesis. It is easy reading and has a heavy dose of teacher's dedication to learning included in the text. It can help with bias more than prediction, but the book has an economics and market bent. For a positive review, see Psyblog at http://www.spring.org.uk/2008/04/