Saturday, February 16, 2008

Africa And Smart Development, Afghanistan's Situation, Religious Dissent In Islamic Nations And More... (

Africa and Smart Development Policy
Africa and Smart Development Policy with Stephen Hadley, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. Carnegie President Jessica T. Mathews moderates the event.
Program and discussion:

Afghanistan: Challenges and a Way Forward
Afghanistan: Challenges and a Way Forward with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, a long-serving Foreign Minister of Afghanistan who was active in the country's resistance movement before joining government service, will speak on these many challenges, including poverty and civil violence, job creation, establishing rule of law, and expanding poppy cultivation and a growing opium trade generating $3 billion in illicit economic activity. How will Afghanistan meet these challenges and what are the implications of Afghanistan's stability for the international community? Ronald Neumann moderates the event
Program and discussion:

Religious Dissent in Islamic Nations
Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Paul Marshall discusses harsh punishments faced by critics of Islam in many predominantly Muslim countries.
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The Pakistani Election Boycott
Founder of the Pakistani Movement for Justice party Imran Khan explains the motivation behind the forthcoming election boycott he is endorsing in Pakistan.
Program and discussion:

Stephen Kinzer: The Folly of Attacking Iran
Stephen Kinzer discusses The Folly of Attacking Iran.
Program and discussion:

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