Wednesday, February 13, 2008

China In The Year 2020: Three Political Scenarios (Black Swan Forum)

Jeff Carr over at IntelFusion is sponsoring a web conference through his Black Swan Forum on the future of China featuring Cheng Li, Senior Fellow at the John L. Thornton China Center of the Brookings Institution on March 3 from 1300-1400 PST. You will have to drop Jeff a note at the Black Swan Forum (email address in the flyer below) to get a login but he is willing to open the conference up to anyone who meets the criteria he outlines.

(A note about the embed below: I am testing a new service name to embed pdfs into blogs. Obviously, it would be a better example if this pdf had multiple pages but the process of using to upload a pdf and make it immediately available to readers is very easy and, hopefully, compelling. If you have any comments on the user experience, don't hesitate to leave them)

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dchido said...

The embedded doc function worked perfectly. It was quick and tidy. However, the zooming feature was a little tough to handle for the first few seconds - almost TOO user-friendly, you can move it around faster than you can read it!

Thanks for the information - this was an early thesis topic I considered - how far and in what regions does China encroach on US areas of interest before real conflict breaks out - "Prognosis on the Resource Wars through 2020." Or something. I'll bet it will be an interesting forum.