Thursday, April 17, 2008

Muckety Means Interesting Visualizations (Muckety via Information Aesthetics) has been in business for some time but I just ran across it the other day. It is a news site with a twist. Along with its news articles, it includes an interactive link diagram (see example below). The diagrams and links in them are based, apparently, on their own database of information. The current version of the database seems to be focused mostly on US persons and organizations. As such it is probably of more interest to the competitive intelligence professional than to other intelligence disciplines (at least for now). It does have an interesting feature that allows you to double click on some of the names and watch them expand and automatically link (double click on the name Caleb Temple in the map below to see what I mean).

For another take on this site see Intelfusion and, of course, thanks to Information Aesthetics for finding it.

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