Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Lovely Spring In Erie Found Courtesy Of Compfight (Compfight Via ReadWriteWeb)

Spring in Erie has really been very nice this year. The flowers have been spectacular and we have had a number of warm, clear days and cool, but pleasant, nights. I was looking at the last of my dogwood blossoms out of my window and thinking about uploading some pictures just to show everyone that Erie wasn't some sort of bleak, frozen, icebox of a place and I realized I had not taken any really good pictures this year.

Along comes CompFight (via an article in ReadWriteWeb), a tool that lets you more easily search the vast Flickr image pool for free-to-use Creative Commons (and other types) of pictures. Here are a couple of pictures showing the two things almost everyone takes a picture of in Erie, some of the wildlife at Put-in Bay at Presque Isle and one of our magnificent sunsets (Click on the links for more info about the pictures).

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