Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who Are The Female Candidates For DNI? (CQ Politics)

Jeff Stein, writing for CQ Politics, has an interesting article about potential female candidates for DNI after the elections this year. He lists quite a few names including Frances Townsend, Joan Dempsey, Maureen Baginski, Mary Margaret Graham, Jami Miscik, Jane Harman, Sue Myrick and Valerie Plame. The article seems to suggest that Mary Margaret Graham (pictured here) is the top candidate among the female contenders.

It is not clear to me that the DNI will necessarily change after the elections, however. Obama has indicated that he favors a fixed term for the DNI (sort of like the Chairman of the Federal Reserve) and both Obama and McCain might see the value of consistency in the DNI position.


Anonymous said...

You assume too much in that Obama wil be the next president. If that is the case we will see the end of US National Security and become a pawn of radical Islam as Obama the leader of the newest Islamic state, USA. He will coalesce the US as a new muslim nation. You

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