Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mercyhurst Report On Second Life Covered By Reuters (

The Second Life Bureau of the Reuters News Agency got wind of the strategic intelligence project done by Mercyhurst graduate students on the prospects for terrorist use of Second Life and filed a report on it today (full text of Reuters piece available here).

Eric Reuters (nom de plume for Eric Krangel, a New York based technology journalist) did a good job, I thought, of discussing the history and level of concern over the possibility of terrorist use of Second Life for training, communications or money laundering. Well worth reading for the background as well as for the props to our grad students.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work, Kris. I linked to it from IntelFusion. My only objection was the depiction of Muslim extremists as "jihadists", which IMO is a problematic and imprecise term.