Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NGO Intel: Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Groups Map (SPLCenter.org)

One of the trends I have been noticing for some time now is the increasing use of intelligence by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) to accomplish their missions. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a long time producer of intelligence on hate groups in the US dating back to 1981 and the old Klanwatch Newsletter. As the Klan became less of a focus, the SPLC changed the name to the Intelligence Project in 1998.

The SPLC publishes a monthly Intelligence Report and a weekly INTSUM. Most recently they put out a product that is almost certainly to be of interest, at least, to intel studies students and academics and law enforcement intelligence professionals -- the 2007 Hate Groups Map. The picture below is just a screenshot (Hint to NGO's: Please make interesting content embeddable in blogs!) so you will have to go here to find the interactive version but it is worth the trip. The SLPC has mashed up the Google Maps API with their own data to create an easy to navigate and use product.

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