Sunday, September 14, 2008

"And The Winner Is..." (DNI Open Source Innovation Challenge)

As many regular readers of this blog already know, the Mercyhurst College team of Mike Butler, Shannon Ferrucci, Ray Wasko, Drew Brasfield, Dan Somavilla and Chris Hippner (sponsored by MCIIS Director Bob Heibel) won the DNI's Open Source Innovation Challenge last week at the OSINT Conference in DC. The Mercyhurst answer is embedded below:

Read this document on Scribd: MCIIS DNI OSINT Challenge -- Winning Entry

A few quick notes on the doc. First, it is uploaded to Scribd, so you can download it there. Second, the document here is a PDF. The submission was in MS Word which meant that the embedded video worked directly in the doc. With the PDF version, you have to click on the link in the caption to see the video in the document on YouTube (or you can just watch the embedded version below:

In addition to the 3 page (max) document, the team had to put together a six slide presentation in case they won. The team's presentation is actually a slide show, complete with narration, animation, music and embedded videos and other do-dahs and knick-knacks. Very cool but bandwidth hungry. Don't try watching the video of the entire presentation below unless you are on a fast connection.

Final Notes From The Open Source Conference:

Congratulations once again to the team for their excellent performance!


Suki Fuller said...

Kris- thanks for the post. Congrats to the team. (Side note: Mike Bogart also works for iJet).

Kristan J. Wheaton said...

Thanks for letting me know (I wasn't aware of it)! Congrats, then, to Mike as well!


thingswholeandnotwhole said...

Congratulations! Nothing short of an outstanding job!

And thank you for including the ISN in the acknowledgements.