Monday, January 12, 2009

Surveys, Surveys, Surveys! (It's Research Season...)

One of our grad students, Jeff Welgan, is doing his thesis on the role of certain cognitive biases in intelligence analysis. In order to gather some information, he has set up a 10-15 minute, web-based survey located at:

The survey is open to anyone who reads this blog. Likewise, do not hesitate to forward the request to anyone or any list that seems appropriate. He hopes to publish his results later this year.

I am also still collecting responses for my "What is Intelligence?" survey. Don't take it again if you have taken it before but if you haven't taken it at all, please do so. I intend to collect responses until the end of the month and publish the results sometime in February.

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DJR said...

The survey is, generally, pretty good. I will be interested to see the results. But questions 18 and 19 have me confused. What is the distinction being drawn between "militia", "rebel", "terrorist", and "insurgent"? Without some kind of a definitional starting point, or any context for these terms in the mock-report, I am unsure how to answer...these terms could, depending on their use, mean the same thing--or totally separate things. I think a basic definition for each term would be helpful, both to the survey participant and to ensure some kind of standardized result.