Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bin Laden Found! (MIT International Review)

...according to two UCLA geography professors in the MIT International Review. Using what sounds a lot like IPB, they figured out where Bin Laden couldn't go, probably wouldn't go and narrowed down their estimate to one of three building complexes in Parachinar, Pakistan.

The image of the buildings is taken from the report (which is free to download) but they are just Google Earth pictures. All of the analysis is based on open sources and some reasonable assumptions and is getting some massive play on a variety of sites right now.

It reminds me a bit of what Jeff Carr did with the Grey Goose Project...

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Anonymous said...

National security agencies have 3 options: Scrambling to explain why they haven't used similar methodology, scrambling to avoid the revelation that they already arrived at the same hypothesis, or tripping over one another to recruit the professors whose work is so elegant in its simplicity and clarity. One can only hope that intellects such as these are being utilized.