Monday, March 23, 2009

Must Read Report On Recent Cyberwar Attacks (

Jeff Carr (who blogs at IntelFusion and runs GreyLogic) released his most recent report on the evolving state of cyberwar late last week and it is a good one.

Focused primarily on three recent attacks, the report contains well-written, clear, evidence-based findings. Jeff's report goes beyond just the technical findings, however, and pulls the strings together in a way that will be of high interest to the non-technical reader as well.

This is part 2 of the Grey Goose Project which uses an "open innovation intelligence model focusing on identifing and tracking Non-state hackers and the companies and governments that support them."

Non-governmental versions of both Part 1 and 2 of the Grey Goose Report are available online. The non-gvernmental versions focus on the findings and conclusions derived therefrom. The governmental versions contain much more of the concrete evidence on which those findings/conclusions are based. The Government version can be requested via e-mail from a government e-mail account. Jeff indicated that it will also be available on A-Space and Intellipedia.

(Full Disclosure: Jeff was kind enough to send an early copy of both reports for me to review prior to publication. I received no pay or compensation of any kind for providing feedback. I have no formal relationship with GreyLogic or Intelfusion other than Jeff's a friend and we both blog about the same kind of stuff.

Bottomline: The reports were good when I got them and Jeff has only made them better since.)

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