Friday, October 23, 2009

ONI's New "Hoo-ahh!" Video, Deconstructing Analysis Techniques, The Geography Of Job Loss And The Future Of Shopping (Link List)

Lot's of interesting stuff crossing my desk this week:

  • The Office of Naval Intelligence has a new promotional (i.e. "hoo-ahh) video out. It gives a brief overview of the ONI's new organizational structure and mission. Many people don't think about ONI as an intel career option but they actually do some pretty cool stuff. The video is certainly worth 5 minutes of your time (Note: It takes a few minutes to get started (I don't understand why these guys don't just upload these videos to YouTube...). Also, if you are interested, see it quickly as Matchbox Twenty's lawyers may slap a take-down notice on the ONI for unauthorized use of copyrighted material (not even a music credit, ONI? That was cold...).
  • Visualizing information is a powerful way to communicate analysis. A good example of this is Tip Strategies infographic showing job loss and gain in the US from 2004-2009. It is both stunning and depressing but clearly shows the value of a good visual (Sorry, no embed. You will have to go to the site to see it).

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DChido said...


You put a lot of cool stuff on your site, but this unemployment graphic is AMAZING! It is actually scary as the red blobs begin to grow in size and number, you feel like there is some creepy music playing in the background.

Thanks very much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe the Navy would put that much effort into a video and then pirate some music for it. So much for fair use...

As far as the future of shopping goes, check out what Microsoft is doing with its Project Natal on XBox. Pretty much the same as what CISCO is doing, but you can see the application gets rid of the need for actually leaving your house and going to the store.