Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Turkey Industrial Complex, The Best Pie (Chart) Ever And The Happy Turkey Day Song (Thanksgiving Link List)

A Happy Thanksgiving to all SAM readers! May your turkey fryers not explode and may your Cool Whip not be lite! Here are a few non-shopping, non-football related sites to help you enjoy the day:

The Turkey Industrial Complex.
Ever wonder how farmers manage to get 46 million turkeys to table on Thanksgiving? One piece of advice: Read it after you eat...

The Best Pie (Chart) Ever.
Please let this be a joke, please let this be a joke... By the way, if your eighth grader doesn't "get it" then you should probably have a word with his or her math teacher.

The Happy Turkey Day Song. MST3K is still a favorite in my household (If you are not familiar with the series, ask for Manos: Hands of Fate for Christmas). This may not be the perfect Thanksgiving song, but it is nostalgic.

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