Friday, December 4, 2009

Help Win The Balloon Challenge! (DARPA)

DARPA recently issued a challenge: On 5 DEC at 10 AM (Eastern time), it is going to raise 8 foot diameter red balloons over ten different locations in the US. The first person/team to identify all 10 locations correctly will win $40k.

Talk about a way to fire up a bunch of Intel Studies students! Wow!

Our students have organized a team (on their own), have established a collection plan and are busily working, as I type, trying to match collection assets to targets.

Part of their strategy involves sharing the wealth with anyone who spots a balloon and who helps the team win by reporting it to the MCIIS DARPA Challenge HQ. Every new balloon reported and confirmed is worth $1000 to the reporter if the team ultimately wins the challenge. The contact details are on the flyer below.

The team figures that the contest will be over on Saturday (even though it is supposed to run for 7 days), so help them out if you see anything or pass this info (quickly) along to someone who can.

Contest MCIIS RedBalloons[2]

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Unknown said...

Team DeciNena (think of the 80's song about 99 Red Balloons) is one of the best-organized and fastest growing, and we are now incorporating other teams into our web site and recruiting teams to join us if they feel they are too small to compete alone.

We are offering to share part of the prize money with all particpants who are active on Dec 5th, not JUST the actual balloon finder (who will receive a larger reward).

Join us, and tell all your friends. That's what the whole goal of the challenge is -- to build large teams quickly.